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Investor Presentation September 2022


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The Healthcare Dilemma There are now numerous demands competing for the physician’s attention at the point of care. Chief among those is electronic documentation . Today’s point - of - care delivery policies and technologies have become an intrusion, creating a virtual “wall” between physician and patient. This has resulted in a significant reduction in productivity for the industry and led to unprecedented levels of physician burnout and patient dissatisfaction .


Augmedix Mission & Vision Our mission is helping physicians see the patient, not the technology, minimizing distractions and enabling physicians and patients to truly connect at the point of care. We assume the documentation burden from physicians virtually and unobtrusively so that physicians can focus on their patients . Our vision is to connect terabytes of point - of - care data in a way no other company has done before in order to deliver rapid, actionable insights that can improve outcomes for tens of millions of patients around the world .


Augmedix Benefits Save up to 3 hours per day 40% improved work - life satisfaction Boost productivity by as much as 20%


44% YoY Real - time and asynchronous virtual medical documentation for clinicians Connect clinicians with Augmedix Ambient Automation Platform through mobile devices and proprietary software Comprehensive and flexible solution capable of being delivered at scale to ~ 295,000 addressable physicians Let physicians focus on what matters most: patient care $7.3M Q2 2022 Revenue 131% Q2 2022 YoY Net Revenue Retention 20+ Health Systems Served 2.5M+ Notes Completed Annually Q2 - Q3 2022 1 Strong Sales Momentum Continuing Augmedix at a Glance 1H 21 1H 22 $14.3 Revenue ($ in millions) $10.0 (1) Third quarter 2022 includes July, August though early September 2022


Key Healthcare Macro Tailwinds COVID - 19 catalyst for virtual solutions Health systems’ rising need for increased efficiency and capacity at scale Growing doctor burnout and staffing shortages Leading to increased demand to reduce Electronic Health Record (EHR) burden Driving more investments in digital solutions Accelerating adoption for virtual documentation


Augmedix Eases the EHR Burden on Providers & Creates System Efficiencies Natural Conversation Enhanced Documentation Physician - Patient Augmedix Ambient Automation Platform LIVESTREAM Electronic Health Record Medical documentation uploaded for physician’s sign - off Natural Language Processing (NLP ) Data Services Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Machine Learning Two - way communication


Driving a $6 Billion Market Opportunity for Augmedix ~295,000 ¹ Addressable Physicians in U.S. $6B U.S. Market Opportunity >57,000 ¹ Addressable Physicians $1B+ Expansion Opportunity within Existing Customers United States India Bangladesh Sri Lanka Opportunity (1) Company estimates out of a total of more than 1.1M U.S. Clinicians. Select Current Customers Scale Today 4 Countries 5M+ Notes to Date 50K+ Notes / Week Major Health Systems


Comprehensive medical notes and live clinical services delivered synchronously. • Medical Documentation • Synchronous Two - Way Communication trained Specialist • Order Support • Referral Support • Reminder Support Real - Time and Asynchronous Offerings Provide Flexibility, Expand the TAM, and Generate a High - Win Rate vs Competitors 2014 Launch Upsell / Migrate Organized relevant chart details to prepare for upcoming visits. • Patient Demographic Information • Medication Changes since Last Visit 2022 Launch Comprehensive medical notes delivered asynchronously. • Medical Documentation 2020 Launch Upsell / Migrate Upsell / Migrate


Augmedix Ambient Automation Platform Ambient conversation Messages Reminders Medical Note Chart Prep After - Visit Summary Coding ASR+ EHR Integration Augmedix NLP Notebuilder Builder Manager Preferences Metadata Building Block approach combines: • Automated speech recognition • Natural language processing • Clinical datasets 35+ Specialties Multiple healthcare settings: • Clinic, ER, urgent care, telehealth, inpatient, nursing home 500+ condition models • Manages clinician preferences • EHR integration via HL7/FHIR Leverages metadata for new services: • Chart prep • Real - time coding • Health data analytics


Quality Assured Ambient Conversation Physician - Patient Automated Note Creation Flow Natural Language Processing (NLP) Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR+) Notebuilder Physician: Nice to meet you. What brings you in today? Patient: I got a headache yesterday and it just won’t go away. Physician: Any fever or chills? Patient: No, just the headache and a sore throat. I’m taking Tylenol but it’s not helping. Physician: Let’s start you on Ibuprofen, 800 mg, for 3 - 5 days. Medical Note Electronic Health Record Physician: Nice to meet you. What brings you in today? Patient: I got a headache ye sterday and it just won’t go away. Physician: Any fever or chills ? Patient: No, just the headache and a sore throat . I’m taking Tylenol but it’s not helping. Physician: Let’s start you on Ibuprofen, 800 mg, for 3 - 5 days. HPI The patient is a 55 year old female presenting today for: Headache Headache She reports onset 1 day ago. She denies fever or chills. Patient is taking Tylenol without relief. PE Mouth and throat: Red and swollen turbinate, throat otherwise normal. A/P Headache New, acute. Uncontrolled. Patient start ibuprofen 800 mg for 3 - 5 days. Organize Build Review HPI ROS PE A/P Coding Headache 1 COMPLAINTS Timing ONSET TIMING hours days weeks 1 constantly frequently intermittently Medication flutcasone levofloxacin ibuprofen DOSAGE FREQUENCY 3 - 5 days 400 mg 800 mg Sore Throat 2


Documentation Market Landscape Dictation/Transcription Asynchronous Documentation Synchronous Documentation Price Low DAX Dragon Fluency Direct SA Physician Burden Remote In - Person Remote Remote High Ambient Solutions


Augmedix’s Differentiated & Flexible Offerings Self Entry / Status Quo Dictation / Transcription In - Person Scribing Automated Medical Documentation (Asynchronous) Automated Medical Documentation (Synchronous with Live Support) Ambient / Natural Conversation Real - Time, Referral Support, Order Support, Reminder Support Scalable / Tech - Enabled Time Savings Today’s Leading Solutions EHR


Q2 2022 Financial Summary Note: Fiscal years are audited through December 31, 2021. Quarterly results are unaudited. (1) Q2 2022 excludes one - time benefit from a previous office lease provision. (2) LTM through 2Q 2022. The Lifetime Value (LTV) of Augmedix Live is calculated by ARPU / (Annual Churn Percentage) x expect ed contribution margin. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the sales and marketing spend in the previous quarter divided by the number of new clinicians sold in the most recent quarter plus the onboarding costs in the most recent quarter div ided by the number of go lives in the most recent quarter. (3) LTM through Q2 2022. Payback period in months is calculated by CAC divided by the expected contribution profit in the first - year x 12. (4) Based on current period revenue including any expansion or new services and is net of contraction or churn compared to the p revious period one year ago but excludes revenue from new Health Enterprises for the current period. $40M capital raised in Oct 2021, plus debt refinancing in May 2022, provides significant operating runway to execute strategy Improving Gross Profit ($ in millions) Accelerating Revenue Growth ($ in millions) LTV/CAC (2) : 5x Payback Period (3) : ~14 months $4.8 $5.6 $5.2 $6.6 $7.0 Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Q1 2022 $7.3 Q2 2022 $2.5 $2.1 $2.9 Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Q1 2022 $2.4 $3.1 Q2 2022 $3.2 131% Net Revenue Retention Rate (4) YoY 42% YoY 37%


Highly Experienced Management Team Sandra Breber Chief Operating Officer Paul Ginocchio Chief Financial Officer Rashed Noman Country Manager, Bangladesh Ian Shakil Co - Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Hawkins Chief Revenue Officer Davin Lundquist Chief Medical Officer Saurav Chatterjee Chief Technology Officer Manny Krakaris Chief Executive Officer


Investment Highlights Broadest offerings that are differentiated and flexible for virtual documentation: Ambient, Mobile, Remote, Synchronous & Asynchronous Increasing physician productivity and optimizing reimbursement Leading health system customer base with high Net Revenue Retention Attractive scalable business model with compelling unit economics Building on AI - driven core platform to deliver automated add - ons and drive growth and efficiency